Sport Coat Brand

100% Acrylic Surfacing Systems

Chosen for use the Davis Cup Matches & Legg Mason Tennis Classic

Playability: Players appreciate the deep, rich color and uniform playability of Sport Coat Tennis Surfaces. Our glare-free surfaces are easy on the eyes, provide for a uniform ball bounce, and sure-footed traction. Sport Coat can be adjusted upon installation to play fast, medium, or slow depending upon owner’s preferences.

Durability: A Sport Coat Surface protects your underlying asphalt surface from harmful oxidation and wear. Our space-age acrylic binders, fiber, and mineral additives, combined with U.V. inhibitors, “lock together” to create a protective layer that resists premature wear and discoloration.

Fade Resistance: Time tells the difference between a normal coating and a Sport Coat Brand Coating. Sport Coat surfaces utilize the best quality color pigments and enhancers to ensure that the original, rich, color tone lasts the life of the surface.

Standard Non-Resilient or Resilient Surfacing: Sport Turf Resilient Surfacing System is comprised of multiple layers of rubber particles to provide a dense, cushioned playing surface. It is an ideal surface for locations where a clay court is not practical but where a soft, forgiving playing surface is required.

Note: Sport Systems Also Builds Clay Courts (3)
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