Pickleball Court Construction: Building, Converting, or Adding lines to existing court

Sport Systems is the logical choice for new Pickleball court construction or for the conversion of existing facilities into Pickleball courts. Whether you are planning permanent or portable court set ups, we’ve got you covered.

With the incredible growing of the sport in America, Sport Systems has built many  Pickleball courts all over Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware.

Converting a Tennis Court into Pickleball courts is also an option. A professional size tennis court (60’x120′) can fit up to four pickleball courts. A pickleball court measures 20’x44′. In pickleball, the same court size in Pickleball is used for both singles and doubles play.

Clients have also chosen to add a set of pickleball lines to their existing tennis court allowing players of both tennis and pickleball to enjoy their sport.