Company History

When I was fourteen years old, I landed my first job as shop assistant at the Landon School Tennis Club. I worked many other summer tennis jobs including stints as a racquet stringer, a clay court maintenance laborer, a tennis camp instructor, club manager, and tennis pro. I competed in junior tournaments, played college tennis, and adult tournaments, but never imagined that I would end up in the tennis business.

In 1981, I began performing simple court repairs at the clubs where I taught tennis. I branched out into court resurfacing and construction where my tennis background proved invaluable. From its humble beginnings, Sport Systems has evolved into the area’s leading recreational construction firm.

Sport Systems has built or reconstructed approximately two thousand courts and has resurfaced and repaired thousands more. Our custom trained work force is our single greatest asset. Our installers consider their work a craft rather than simply a job. Their pride and good work ethic produces a superior product that consistently out-performs the competition.

If you are serious about quality and long term value, I urge you to use Sport Systems for your project.

Very truly yours,
Tilford C. Jones

Choosing A Sport Construction Contractor

Building a new tennis court is a complicated, multi-faceted construction procedure that demands exacting tolerances and specialized knowledge. Tennis courts fail when any important aspect of the job is sidestepped or overlooked. More than half of our business is repairing or reconstructing courts that were built improperly by other contractors. Whether you’re building a new court or resurfacing an existing one, you owe it to yourself to seek out the most qualified contractor.

Advantage Sport Systems

Sport Systems is the most experienced tennis court contractor in the business and has a documented history of delivering quality and value to all types of facilities. We surface stadium courts for the best players in the world and build identical quality courts for the rest of our clientele. Our superior warranties provide added piece of mind. A properly constructed or repaired court will provide years of trouble-free service, from which you will derive countless hours of pleasure. Sport Systems is at your service. Our thirty nine year track record is second to none.